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(Surname 1) Student Professor Course Details Date of Submission The primary cause of training the employees is to create an excellent knowledge background in workplaces. The training course ensures that all staff members are equipped with vibrant skills that promote quality and high-performance standards. Training the employees also improves the working morale of the employee since the the program provides significant ways of handling the accorded tasks. As Porter (56-77) points out, training programs are usually designed to reinforce the skills of the employees. Vivacious training programs promote a better feeling of solving problems of an organization. This paper seeks to provide a training manual that trains intermediate users of email to acquire advanced skills of handling the new email program. The training program of the new email structure that supports intermediate-level users include essential knowledge on editing, copying and replacing written content, dragging and dropping, labeling page layout and utilizing the search feature. The training program also includes the formatting skills that improve the aspect of manipulating the appearance of the characters, pages, sections, line and how the characters are sorted. The users should also be taught the element of formatting subheads to promote clarity and appearance of their work. However, the training skills of formatting the emails vary depending on the type of assignment ordered. Additionally, the trainee shoul ...
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