A Higher Loyalty
James Comey
Contributed by Jack Shields
James Comey
Year Published
About the Title

Former FBI director James Comey leaves little room for the subject of his memoir as its name and as its timing - shortly after the author’s sudden and unexpected public firing - beg the question of who or what takes precedence as the “higher” loyalty. For most, an explanation that the duties associated with an office such as the Director of the FBI imply a direct and unswerving loyalty in service to the nation’s President might have sufficed as obvious fact a decade or two prior. Mr. Comey’s hurried and humiliating dismissal, totally unprecedented with regard in its decorum and presentation, by President Trump, along with a brief on Comey’s early and professional life, sit as the foci of this memoir and at its pertinence in the controversies of modern America. Imagine growing up and living a life with what you believe as consistent with American principles: democratic decision-making and debate, a desire and the opportunity to pursue one’s own happiness and purpose, and a will to protect the nation that provides that life. Then, you are thrust center stage from an obliquely niche position of public irrelevance, where the representative of that nation denounces your life’s work. Explore the reasonings and beliefs of a man struggling to define and navigate a loyalty to the American populace, or a loyalty to the trusted and selected individual of that population as Comey undergoes this existential and philosophical crisis in “A Higher Loyalty.”

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