Bad Blood
John Carreyrou
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
John Carreyrou
Year Published
About the Title

“Bad Blood,” an ingeniously titled book published by John Carreyrou after his bombshell investigative reports were published in the Wall Street Journal regarding the fraudulent claims of the biotech company, Theranos. Here, Carreyrou makes a spectacular double entendré on the “house-of-cards” business model of the blood analytics company founded by Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos, and on the bad blood brewing as a result of Holmes’ conspiracy to defraud investors in a scheme involving her second-in-command and lover, Ramesh Balwani. Find out how this Stanford dropout Elizabeth Holmes adopted a persona utilizing her deep voice and black turtleneck (reminiscent of the late Steve Jobs) to craft an image of progress and innovation in Silicon Valley by a woman, fooling dozens of investors regarding the viability of her product’s technological foundations. Fortunately, Carreyrou applies great scrutiny and vigorous documentation in this documentary-esque book, carving out and journaling all the juicy tidbits like co-conspirator Balwani’s lack of basic high school chemistry knowledge. On one occasion, Balwani described that “P” as the chemical symbol for potassium in one meeting with employees. This brilliant exposé on greed that will have you wondering how these people managed to keep this fraud covert for so long.

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