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Running head: DETAILED DESIGN 1 Detailed Design Name Institution Date DETAILED DESIGN 2 Introduction The challenges that come with manual filing systems have prompted organizations to come up with an automated storage system for files. These challenges include constant loss of files and slow sharing speed of these files (Zhang, Cheng & Boutaba, 2010). The automated system provides a central location that is secure, and in which files can be stored. However, access to these organizational documents can only be granted dependent on the user’s privilege. Therefore, this project entails design of a cloud-based filing system, which shall provide storage, indexing capabilities as well as the privilege of access. Documents 1. 3 Steps to Creating a Document-Management System This document describes three important steps essential in the design of a document management system, such as an organization’s filing system. This document is applicable to the design of a cloud-based filing system since it gives details of how to organize documents within the system, and how to make the system secure. The document also explains how to organize files in order to allow easy access only to th ...
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