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Diffrence Between Java And Javascript

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Running Head: DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JAVA AND JAVASCRIP 1 Difference Between Java And Javascript Student Name Institution Course Instructor 1 DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JAVA AND JAVASCRIP 2 What is the difference between Java and Javascript? Java is basically a programming language that can be used and run on a wide range of platforms. It is based on the Java Virtual Machine on which applications run on. This implies that a computer that has the Java Virtual Machine can allow Java applications to run. Javascript, on the other hand, can be described as an object-oriented scripting language. Even though the two sound similar or seem related, the two programming languages are very different and fulfill varied roles in programming. One of the key differences between Java and Javascript is that whereas Java is based on classes while Javascript is based on prototypes. This means that java depends on hierarchical relationships whereby properties with similar characteristics are grouped together. The characteristics can be inherited by the members of a particular class. For Javascript, objects can inherit from other objects in the hierarchy (Merriam-Webster, 2017). Additionally, Java is develope ...
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