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History Of Internet

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Running Head: HISTORY OF INTERNET 1 History of Internet Student name Institution Course instructor HISTORY OF INTERNET 2 Around what time did the Internet come around and how did it all start? Would like to know more of the history of how the internet started The Internet is a computer network that is used globally to provide and share information as well as providing communication facilities. It consists of interconnected networks by using the standardized internet protocol suites. It is a global system that is used to carry a wide range of information resources as well as other services that includes file sharing, electronic mail, telephony and applications of WWW (World Wide Web). (Pelusey M & Pelusey J, 2006) The development of the internet has been gradual and has continued to grow over the years. The start of the Internet can be traced in the early 1960s through the contribution of different individuals. Some of the crucial Internet technologies that helped in groundbreaking were packet switching that was developed by Paul Baran. This is coupled with the packetswitched networks that included Tymnet, Merit Network, NPL Network by Donald Davies, Telenet and Cyclades. All ...
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