The Woman in the Window
A. J. Finn
Contributed by Eleanor Sherer
A. J. Finn
Year Published
About the Title

The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn takes readers on a complex narrative associated with a troubled female persona and protagonist, Anna. Frequently, Anna engages in a number of antisocial, paranoid, and dissociative behaviour. For instance, the story?'s namesake title refers to how Anna infringes on her neighbor?'s privacy by occasionally watching them through her house windows. Her character can be termed as nosy or investigative (Morrow, 2018). From her window, Anna even uses a Nikon camera to watch other people. She is not remorseful for this behavior. In fact, she states that 'Watching is like nature photography. You don?'t interfere with the wildlife?' (Finn, 10). She watches her neighbors without having any social interactions with them. Sadly, the author states that her prying habit started as a social stigma after the estrangement with her husband and daughter. This makes it hard for Anna to get out of her house and interact with her neighbors, a condition she refers to as agoraphobia. To emphasize the relevance of the title the author highlights how the protagonist spent her time watching people through her window, 'You don?t know anyone! You stay here in your house and you watch people?', (Finn, 201). Therefore, she prefers watching them from the comfort of her window.

Anna is the main character in the book. The author analyzes how her medication and binge drinking affect both her and the neighbors. Even though the novel indicates that Anna is quite conversant with the members of the families that she watches, she barely interacts with them. For instance, when her daughter urges her to go out and greet the new neighbors, she declines and instead moves to the second floor to watch them from her window. (Finn, 13). She uses excuses such as the lack of curtains to enhance the privacy of her neighbors? homes to justify her behavior. The conflict in the novel is introduced when every other character in the novel is set against the protagonist. Anna?s judgment is questioned because of her medication and binge drinking. The storyline is thus based on how she tries to prove that her allegations are correct to characters that already doubt her sanity. Her withdrawal from the rest of the characters makes her be commonly described as the anti-social woman who only watches people from her windows.

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